• How to use a TC301D chip to achieve human induction without costing less than ¥1.00

    With the rapid development of Internet of things technology, the demand is more and more extensive. In addition to the common communication switch mode, most related electrical appliances are equipped

    2020-01-24 tony

  • Touch Sensor IC FAQ

    Q1: Is there any requirement for the material of the container shell for liquid level detection?A: There is a requirement, it must be non-metallic material, otherwise it will affect the work of the ch

    2020-01-04 tony

  • Multi-point water level detection scheme based on TM601

    Introduce the TM601 chip TM601 This chip is a capacitive detection chip designed based on 8051 single-chip microcomputer. Its storage resource is 256B + 8K; the power supply voltage is 3--5V. The ch

    2020-01-04 tony

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